Coffee with Anders Rosqvist: Warehouse responsible Helsingborg at SOPREMA

Get to know Anders by reading this interview.


How long have you been working at SOPREMA and why have you chosen this company?

I have worked for Soprema from the beginning in Helsingborg in January 2017. I choosed Soprema to get a chance to build it up from start.

What does your typical workday look like?

I always start to read my e-mails and do my bookings to our transport companies we work together with. Then I prepare the orders for transport. And after that I check the stock to see if I need to order something or ask for productions.

What do you like most about your job?

The best thing with my job is all my contacts I have got in Sweden and other Soprema countries.

What was your first impression of the SOPREMA-team and company?

That we always try to do our best for the customers.

What areas would you like to further develop professionally?

I like to work with warehousing so that should be nice to develop.

What makes your work so unique?

That I have knowledge in different areas like Warehouse, Supplying and transports.

And last but not least, what is your favorite cup of coffee?

I like the first cup in the morning, and if it is this brand: Zoegas ”Dark Temptation” it´s really good!