Coffee with Barbara: “the mother” of Soprema AB and married to Antoine

Get to know Barbara by reading this interview.


What’s your relationship with SOPREMA?

It seems that many Soprema employees consider me a bit like a “little mother” for them, I gladly accept this beautiful title, because it is with pleasure that I try to make myself useful when I am in their walls. Since I am in Sweden I live literally with SOPREMA: I am married to Antoine and Antoine already worked there for many years before meeting me! I joined Antoine in Sweden at the end of 2012, in Älvsjö in the first office of SOPREMA and of course I followed him to the South.

What’s the rhythm of your days?

My days are mostly in time of Antoine’s schedule. For example, dinner time depends on the office closing and there is often a suitcase ready for an unplanned trip. But as soon as I can, I escape to enjoy the seaside and make beautiful walks here around Helsingborg. In Stockholm it is the cultural visits that attract me the most, or I enjoy the beautiful Archipelago of Stockholm, or I attend an ice skating session, ….

What do you think about the employees of SOPREMA AB?

They are all my children’s age, or even younger! When I am near their offices I never miss a visit, they always greet me with a smile, even when they are under stress in the office. And when the tension falls a little, they find a more normal rhythm, I share with pleasure a “Fika” with them! If I know them all well, it is obviously with the ladies that I communicate most often, they are charming girls, always available for the customers of SOPREMA for whom they do sometimes miracles.

Do you like living in Sweden?

Sweden has potential when it comes to choosing tourist, cultural or gastronomic discoveries; I challenge you to not find your happiness in this selection. There are so many things to discover in Sweden: the beautiful white beaches here in the South at Skanör, the wild and rocky beaches further north, the many islands that form the Stockholm archipelago that I discovered by boat, the multitude of natural parks, the impressive cliffs, the “breath-taking” landscapes, the traditional festivals each with their own gastronomy … Everything, I like everything in Sweden! So yes, I love living in Sweden, on land or sea!

And finally, your favourite coffee?

The first of the day, the one Antoine prepares for me in the morning when he is at home: Douwe Egberts black, strong and sweet ….