Coffee with Jeanette Persson: Back-office Manager at SOPREMA


How long have you been working at SOPREMA and why have you chosen this company?

I started at SOPREMA in March 2017. I thought that SOREMA felt like an exciting company, that hasn’t been in Sweden for that long, so we have a lot of development potential, but also a big organization behind us, which is very positive.

What does your typical workday look like?

The day always starts with checking my e-mail. I handle orders from customers and salespeople, and that needs to be taken care of directly. Then I will do some invoicing, and also some marketing related tasks, for example proofreading of brochures and copies for the webpage.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the variation, I have a rather broad role, and a lot of contacts with customers, which is very fun. It’s also nice to work with marketing, which is included in the role to some extent.

What was your first impression of the SOPREMA-team and company?

When I started it was only one other person in the office in Helsingborg that I met on a daily basis. I also have a lot of contact with the salespeople on phone and e-mail. We have a good cooperation and have fun together, which is important when we are so few.

What areas would you like to further develop professionally?

I would like to work even more with marketing and social medias for the company.

What makes your work so unique?

I think I’m good at seeing the whole picture, but can also see the details, which is important in this role.

And last but not least, what is your favourite cup of coffee?

I don’t drink coffee, but I love tea, both black, red and green