Coffee with Magnus Liedberg: Area Sales Manager West at SOPREMA

Get to know Magnus by reading this interview.


How long have you been working at SOPREMA and why have you chosen this company?

I have worked for SOPREMA since April 2018 so just about 1 year and 6 months. The reasons for me choosing SOPREMA is many. I like the industry and I felt that with my past experience I have the opportunity to do good things here. I also think that it´s exciting and challenging to work for an international company with a large product portfolio like we have, I feel that we can always develop the market and that is important for me. Then the fact that SOPREMA is privately owned is also a big advantage in my mind.

What does your typical workday look like?

There is no such thing as a typical work day in my role, but basically my work is always about customer relations and that can be in many different ways. Most times I´m on the roads. It can be visiting a worksite to give technical support, help with developing projects, give solutions for constructions or just to be a partner to our customer for discussions. A lot of work is done by phone and of course my computer is a necessary tool for inspecting drawings, mail correspondence etc… I also try to find time to visit our offices in Stockholm and Helsingborg.

What do you like most about your job?

The most fun part is the daily contact with our customers and partners. This energy I get when we solve different problems together is very positive. Then as I mentioned before, it´s really nice to work in an organization where I have the possibility to both affect my own and the company’s future.

What was your first impression of the SOPREMA-team and company?

Very positive. We have good people in the organization with different experiences and knowledge which I think is important when we build for our future success. We are a quite young organization in Sweden with a lot of work ahead of us, it will be important with a positive mind set and a will to constantly improve ourselves and I´m sure that we have exactly that among us colleagues in Sweden. The feeling that we really can make a difference when developing our business in Sweden is very positive and in my mind SOPREMA AB has a very bright future.

What areas would you like to further develop professionally?

I would like to develop my leaderships skills, I think I have a lot to give there for SOPREMA in the future. Then I want to gather as much knowledge and experience as possible and use this to develop which products inside the SOPREMA family we can offer in Sweden and in doing this help our customers to have more solutions in waterproofing.

What makes your work so unique?

I would say my experience, will to learn new things and take on new challenges. Before starting at SOPREMA I worked with project management in construction so I think I have a good understanding for what our customer wants and expects from their collaboration with a supplier. I also try to see the human behind titles and work descriptions and have a genuine interest in human beings.

And last but not least, what is your favourite cup of coffee?

The best cup of coffee is the first freshly brewed in the morning. Right now we use Zoega´s Presso which is superb. And I never say no to a cup of espresso.