Discover the Sopralene MF 5500


The new name of SOPREMA SBS-membrane is SOPRALENE MF 5500. It is the same product, only the name is new!
SOPRALENE MF 5500  is used as top coating in a multi-layer roofing system. It is made up of SBS elastomeric bitumen and of a non-woven polyester reinforcement. The selvedge is protected with a polypropylene film and the upper side is finished with slate granules.
SOPRALENE MF 5500 meets the requirements for fire resistance class BROOF (T2). It is approved by SITAC, BASTA, BYYGVARUBEDÖMNING and SundaHus.

SOPRALENE MF 5500 comes with a 15 years product warranty with consequential loss/damage insurance. Experience has shown that a SOPREMA roof with SOPRALENE MF 5500 achieves a service life in excess of 30 years.