SOPREMA Eco struction®, Sustainability through innovation!


The SOPREMA Group’s commitment to sustainable products began more than 20 years ago with the introduction of green roofing systems. Since then, our research and development team has been creating innovative, sustainable building products that are at the leading edge of building technology.

SOPREMA’s commitment to sustainable building is in six key areas:


Our research and development team is committed to reducing the impact that our products have on the environment. We are always improving and refining our products – during manufacture, performance in use, and eventual end-of-life recycling or disposal. We set the highest priority on health and safety, for installers, end users and the natural environment.

Our research is focused on using sustainable natural materials such as linen fibres instead of glass and polyester – and our aim is always to create products at a competitive price. We have close links to expert academic institutions such as The School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials (ECPM) in Strasbourg and The French Institute of Textiles and Clothing (IFTH) in Mulhouse.


We design our products with the aim of reducing the use of solvents and harmful chemicals, improving user-friendliness and safety, and utilizing our planet’s natural resources – water, sun and wind.


SOPREMA has always lead the way in sustainable manufacturing, becoming ISO 9001 registered in 1996 and the first company to be certified ISO 14001 in 1997. Our eco-friendly plants significantly reduce waste through innovations such as the recycling of manufacturing waste and using rainwater for the cooling of machinery.


Where possible we replace unsustainable raw fossil fuel resources with sustainable natural resources or recycled materials.

• 70% of our fibreglass containers use recycled glass,Our PNT containers use 75% recycled plastic bottles

• 2,500 tons of recycled oil is used in our bitumen membranes

• Self-adhesive products are made from a by-product of colza oil and pine resin – up to 300 tons

• Packaging and Installation

We follow our sustainable practices through packaging and installation. For example the weight of our Soprelium® waterproof membrane was reduced by 35%, making transportation of materials more energy efficient and manual handling easier on site.


The eco struction logo symbolises our commitment to offering specifiers products that are sustainable throughout their entire lifecycle. Our use of recycled material and eco-friendly manufacturing means that you can be sure you are specifying the very best for your building and the environment.