A perfectly waterproof and stylish swimming pool? Choose the best PVC solution


As a swimming pool installer, are you looking for a perfectly waterproof and attractive alternative to tiles or mosaics? Then you have found the perfect solution at SOPREMA! Meet Flagpool: pool cladding in PVC that covers every inch of your pool. With Flagpool, not only are you assured of a perfectly waterproof swimming pool, thanks to the various finishing options, but you also ensure your pools have a look that fully matches the style your customers have in mind.

Waterproofing in PVC: a great idea!

Flagpool from SOPREMA has been specially developed to ensure that swimming pools are perfectly waterproof. Flagpool is a membrane of flexible polyester-reinforced PVC. A particularly handy feature is that you can apply the product in a single layer.

Naturally, you are demanding when it comes to the waterproofing of your swimming pools. Outdoor swimming pools in particular must be able to take a knock or two, and withstand the changing weather conditions. Choosing Flagpool for the construction of your swimming pools gives you peace of mind. It offers protection against:

  • UV radiation
  • fluctuations in heat or temperature
  • micro-organisms
  • water treatment products

In addition, Flagpool has excellent impact resistance. The PVC membrane also complies with the standard for inground pools clad in plastic (EN 15836). Meaning that Flagpool is completely hassle-free!

Personalise your swimming pool with Flagpool

The quality of your pool waterproofing is therefore guaranteed, but of course it also needs to look good. Flagpool offers you the possibility to design your swimming pools exactly how you want. That way, thanks to this flexible product, you can choose any design for your swimming pools, from sleek geometric to organic or a combination of both.

But that’s not all: you can even choose the colour the swimming pool water will appear to have. There are three different finishing options:

  • FLAGPOOL NG Unicolor: with a uniform colour.
  • FLAGPOOL NG Glossy Unicolor: with a uniform colour finished with a special glossy layer for extra protection.
  • FLAGPOOL NG Glossy printed: with a printed finish, with a special glossy layer for extra protection.

Are you interested in Flagpool, our swimming pool waterproofing solution? Download our brochure now, or contact us for more information.