All about the latest techniques for the restoration of heritage and monuments


Renovating old monuments and heritage is no mean feat. It is always a challenge to respect the authenticity of monuments. That’s why thorough knowledge of technology and using the right materials is essential. We explain all about the latest techniques for the restoration of heritage and monuments.

Restoration of heritage and monuments

Restoring a monument is a challenging task that you can complete with the help of liquid resins. This material offers the right balance between innovation and preserving the authentic character of the structure. The solutions from ALSAN make even the trickiest forms seamlessly waterproof.  As such, monuments or heritage can be restored to a high level of quality, without damaging their rich history. In addition, not only is ALSAN suitable for renovating old buildings, but also for new buildings!

The advantages of ALSAN

With ALSAN, you can count on a high-quality wear-resistant waterproofing solution. There are various options for both horizontal and vertical applications. Moreover, you have a very wide choice of finishes and colours. Are you looking for inspiration? Many well-known buildings have already been renovated with ALSAN. For example, the liquid waterproofing was used for the renovation of the fountains on the Mont des Arts and the Theatre du Parc in Brussels, Six Hills House in Stevenage in the United Kingdom, the ‘Elfstedenfonteinen’ in the Netherlands and even for the world-famous Eiffel Tower (waterproofing of the mezzanine floors).

Not just for monuments or heritage

ALSAN is also suitable for the renovation or new construction of balconies, galleries and car parks. The solution is particularly useful, for example, for senior-proofing galleries to make homes more accessible. Balconies or low galleries are raised during renovation to eliminate dangerous thresholds. This modification is gaining in popularity since senior citizens are a growing target group in the housing market. Senior-proofing homes enhances their safety and living comfort. For car parks, ALSAN is used to prevent water ingress via an underlying floor slab. The solution can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Are you curious about the extensive possibilities of ALSAN? Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information about this innovative product.