Are you affected by noise pollution in your home? Acoustic insulation brings the tranquillity back


We are living in ever smaller homes, and closer to each other. This can lead to frustration, especially in apartments and closed buildings. Noise pollution caused by loud footsteps or sliding furniture can increase tensions. Recognisable? Then you are probably looking for good acoustic insulation that ensures peace and quiet. With wood fibre insulation from PAVATEX, you can once again enjoy the tranquillity.

Various kinds of noise pollution in homes

There are two types of noise that can be experienced as bothersome. Do you live on a busy road and hear the traffic all the time? Then this is referred to as airborne noise. The noise is generated in the open air and spreads to the wider environment by vibrations. Are you mainly affected by the sound of footsteps or chairs sliding back and forth? Then this is known as impact noise. This sound is produced in direct contact with the walls, ceilings and floors. If you want to tackle these sources of noise, natural wood fibre insulation from PAVATEX is a good solution. You can choose a complete insulation shell, but it is also possible to insulate just the problem areas (e.g. only the ceiling if you have noisy neighbours).

Wood fibre insulation for optimal living comfort

Natural wood fibre insulation is an environmentally-friendly insulation material. It is made from wood chippings from sawmills and is produced using an energy efficient and ultramodern production process. Thanks to its heavy weight and porous fibre structure, the PAVATEX range has a sound-insulating effect. In addition, you can also benefit from the thermal insulation of this material. In other words, PAVATEX gives you peace of mind and a lower energy bill.

Acoustic insulation of ceiling, walls and floors

The PAVATEX range consists of insulation for various applications. PAVACOUSTIC is the ideal solution for bothersome impact noise. Are you looking for the right insulation material for interior walls and ceilings? Then go for Pavacoustic 33G or Pavaferm. Do you want to insulate a glued parquet floor? Then PAVACOUSTIC 27S is highly suitable. All these materials can be safely installed without irritation to the airways, skin or eyes.

Would you like to experience the tranquillity of an acoustically insulated home? Contact us now for more information about natural wood fibre insulation.