Become the Beckham of roof insulation & waterproofing at the SOPREMA training centre!


If you want to shine in your profession just like Beckham does on the football field, continuous training and learning is key. In the world of insulation and waterproofing, that means attending SOPREMA’s CLUB EXPERT training centre. Start exploring your training opportunities today!

Professional hub for the whole of Northern Europe

In the summer of 2017, SOPREMA officially opened its brand-new training and knowledge centre in Grobbendonk, Belgium. Welcoming professionals from all over Northern Europe, the centre offers all you need to improve your knowledge of waterproofing and insulation. Whatever your level of expertise, SOPREMA provides you with a tailor-made programme.

CLUB EXPERT: what’s in a name?

In the search for a suitable name for the new training centre, SOPREMA immediately fell for CLUB EXPERT. ‘Club’ emphasises the family atmosphere – one of SOPREMA’s core values – while also covering the centre’s dual purpose of exchanging knowledge face-to-face and offering quality customer service. ‘Expert’, of course, refers to the technical expertise and skills of trainers and visitors welcomed by the centre.

Every expert was once a beginner

CLUB EXPERT aims to be a meeting place for both starting and experienced professionals, including roofers, resin specialists, plastic installers, students, architects, contractors, sector organisations, construction traders, … Illustrating CLUB EXPERT’s motto that “every expert was once a beginner”, the centre is all about sharing knowledge and ideas.

The theoretical and practical lessons – which take place in an auditorium seating up to 40 trainees –are of a high level yet very accessible, offering insight into the most progressive techniques and the best methods to work sustainably using the SOPREMA product range:

Bituminous waterproofing (SOPREMA)
Liquid waterproofing (ALSAN)
 Synthetic waterproofing (FLAG)
• Thermal insulation (EFYOS)
• Natural insulation (PAVATEX)

In addition, SOPREMA hosts various seminars and networking events at CLUB EXPERT, often in collaboration with industry organisations and partners.

Innovative training in a state-of-the-art building

Whether or not you’re into the latest developments in roof insulation and waterproofing, CLUB EXPERT is definitely worth a visit as the building itself – designed by architectural firm Asymmetric Architectes Associés – is a real eye-catcher. On top of the ‘show roof’ you will find different types of roof covering, including a green roof, different types of solar panels and a roof terrace. In addition, the building is a nearly zero-energy building, which means that the centre is equipped with solar panels, geothermal cooling, automatic sun protection and adapted insulation and ventilation.

Moreover, boasting an open landscape that encourages workers to interact, the offices breathe the ‘new way of working’. Finally, the large reception room with bar illustrates the importance SOPREMA attaches to a friendly work atmosphere.

Curious to learn more about SOPREMA’s made-to-measure training opportunities?  Don’t hesitate to contact us!