Circular construction with sustainable insulation

circular construction


People are focusing more and more on the environment. Everyone realises that it is high time for change. Fortunately, the construction sector is no exception. As such, smart alternatives to traditional materials are gaining in popularity. In addition, circular construction is also increasingly popular. Find out more about this green construction trend.

What is circular construction?

Circular construction is all about closing loops. It must be possible to reuse and disassemble all building materials when a building is demolished. In addition, you need to be able to count on a long service life for all components, so that they do not need to be replaced. All materials used must be recyclable at the end of their lives and, of course, must not contain any harmful substances. Circular construction keeps all materials in a loop. Either the products are broken down and reincorporated into a natural cycle, or they are re-used in a technical cycle.

PAVATEX wood fibre insulation for circular building projects

SOPREMA has also gotten on board the circular construction trend. After all, we want to work towards a better future and strive for a minimal impact on our living environment. We want to take concrete action. Our range of PAVATEX natural wood fibre insulation is a good example in this respect.
This material is produced from residual material from sawmills, and therefore does not come from intentional logging. The production process for the insulation is also extremely environmentally friendly: all waste is processed and reused as a renewable energy source. All PAVATEX products have an EPD product declaration. In addition, our PAVATEX range includes products for a variety of applications: both for the interiors of homes (inner facade, floor) and the exterior (facade cladding, exterior facade insulation, roofing). We can therefore supply the complete building shell for your circular construction or renovation project.
Are you looking for more information about sustainable insulation and circular construction? Then don’t hesitate to contact our PAVATEX specialists.