Combine the advantages of synthetic roofing with the look of a metal roof



Are you working on a monumental or prestigious building? Then you often need to use expensive materials such as copper and aluminium. So it comes as no surprise that more and more architects are opting for a cheaper, high-quality solution. FLAG COPPER & SILVER ART is a synthetic waterproofing with a copper or silver look. Thanks to these innovative materials from FLAG, architects are no longer limited in their creativity. 

COPPER ART & SILVER ART for a metal roof

Copper and aluminium are wonderful materials that are often found in well-known, iconic buildings. However, renovating these monuments is a very expensive affair. Fortunately, there is now a cheaper alternative: COPPER ART & SILVER ART. These synthetic waterproofing membranes are manufactured according to a unique and patented production method. The high quality membrane offers various advantages: you enjoy a traditional look with the quality of a synthetic material

Numerous advantages 

COPPER ART and SILVER ART offer a range of advantages. Not only does this waterproofing offer excellent quality and value for money, you can also install it flame-free, which ensures additional safety. You can then enjoy the look of a traditional copper or silver roof with vertically raised seams. In addition, COPPER ART will also oxidise beautifully and naturally over time. Finally, this synthetic roofing offers an excellent acoustic advantage. With metal roofs, there is always annoying noise in the event of, for example, heavy rainfall, but with plastic membranes this is not a problem. 

Various applications possible

All roof shapes and gradients can be covered with COPPER & SILVER ART. The material comes into its own on curved roofs, but allows you to create the most unique constructions. Get inspired by the iconic Kurhaus at the coast in Scheveningen. On the beach side of this hotel, 4000 m2 of roofing was replaced by COPPER ART: a successful project!

Curious to learn more about the possibilities of this material? Contact us for more information and find out all that this innovative roofing material has to offer.