Constructing a swimming pool? Discover the latest trends

Bygga pool SOPREMA


Are you considering constructing a swimming pool, so that you can enjoy a holiday in your own garden? Then you are probably looking for the right material to realise this dream project. The innovative PVC P-membranes from FLAGPOOL offer the ideal solution for any swimming pool and ensure a perfectly finished result. The synthetic waterproofing offers endless possibilities so you can build according to the latest trends. Dream away at these stylish trends for swimming pools.

Choose natural blue for your swimming pool

The days of bright, azure blue swimming pools are a thing of the past. Fortunately, FLAGPOOL offers a wide choice of colours which match the latest trends. Choose light grey, anthracite or go for fresh white. These colours give a natural blue result when the pool is filled with tap water and the necessary water treatment products. The colour technology from FLAGPOOL ensures a pure and clear colour which is maintained for the complete service life of your swimming pool.

Choose Mediterranean style

Following the example of Mediterranean countries, the popularity of swimming pools with a southern twist is also gaining here. Examples include sand-coloured mosaics. You can achieve the same look more easily and cost-effectively with FLAGPOOL, thanks to the various finishing options. You can create the look of mosaics in just a few days, since the cladding is very easy to apply. Moreover, the welds are almost invisible. So it looks like your pool is tiled, but you still have the benefits of PVC. The cladding can be applied to all surfaces (e.g. prefab panels, aluminium, metal, concrete, etc.) at a low installation cost. In addition, FLAGPOOL is the thickest material of its type (1.5 millimetre reinforced PVC). That way, you benefit from a long service life. If your pool needs some TLC, renovation can be carried out quickly and economically.

Create an original design

Sleek, rectangular pools are still extremely popular in modern gardens. Yet we are increasingly seeing more curved forms that follow the lines of nature. With FLAGPOOL you choose the model of your swimming pool all by yourself. Any size and curvature is possible, and can be carefully worked out, because the material is supple and flexible.

FLAGPOOL is at the vanguard of swimming pool trends

At SOPREMA, we don’t hang around: in the coming year, various new FLAGPOOL colours and finishing possibilities will be launched. The new range includes films with a ceramic or marble look, in silver, black or grey. Discover Armonia 3D too: a brand-new and exclusive range from FLAGPOOL. The Sensitive collection offers you the feel and style of stone structure with the quality of PVC.

Are you curious about these innovations from FLAGPOOL? Or would you like to have more information about this innovative range? Then don’t hesitate to contact us