Create extra living space on your roof: choose a green roof


We are living in ever smaller surfaces and space is therefore a highly-prized luxury. Especially in cities, people often dream of a city garden to escape the hustle and bustle. A green roof is the perfect solution. You can work in the garden and enjoy nature with a view. But that’s not all: when you turn your roof into an extra living space, you benefit from many more advantages. Discover the joys of a green roof!

An intensive green roof as an extra space

If you want to turn your green roof into a roof garden, it is best to choose an intensive type. This kind of roof can be covered with shrubs, grasses, trees or a vegetable garden. An intensive green roof requires some maintenance, just like a garden, but in return you get a pleasant, green spot in the middle of the city. It is crucial that your roof construction is strong enough, so that the roof can support the weight of the vegetation and other loads. As such, your roof needs to be able to bear around 200 – 1000 kilograms per square metre, depending on the type of green roof you go for.

A green roof provides thermal and acoustic insulation

A green roof protects your home from heat in summer and reduces the need for heating in winter. That means you will see your energy consumption decrease. Annoying ambient noise will also be greatly reduced thanks to the acoustic properties of this type of roof.

No overloading of the drainage system

Depending on the green roof system you go for, in heavy rainfall, the vegetation will absorb a large part of the rainwater. As a result, the water is discharged less quickly, so your drainage system is not overloaded. That means that a green roof is a good solution against water problems.

Enjoy the air-purifying action

The plants on your roof filter fine particles, and therefore reduce CO2 emissions. That means that with a green roof, you improve the air quality. In addition, the plants also filter the UV radiation on your roof, which significantly extends the working life of your roofing material!

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