Extend the life of your balcony thanks to durable protection


Balconies, terraces and galleries have a rough time of it. They are continually exposed to a range of external factors: weather influence, moisture, maintenance products, heavy loads, etc. Nonetheless, you can still significantly extend the life of your balcony. By using the PMMA liquid waterproofing from ALSAN for renovations or new builds, you can now enjoy your balcony, terrace or gallery for longer.

Durability for your balcony

Balconies suffer heavy damage from water infiltration and de-icing salts. With ALSAN, SOPREMA offers a solution for durable conservation of concrete. This range includes both PMMA and PU synthetic resin systems for various applications. PMMA products are 2-component products based on polymethyl methacrylate. This product significantly extends the life of a balcony’s underlying construction. The material meets all requirements for safety, insulation, fire reaction, chemical resistance and mechanical stress. In addition, PMMA is also suitable for sealing nodes.

A maintenance-friendly solution

The main purpose of a terrace is to enjoy the open air without much work or worry. Fortunately, ALSAN products are very easy to maintain. A seamless surface is created by using liquid resin systems. Ease of cleaning is an additional advantage.

It also takes very little time to apply. As a result, not only can PMMA be applied quickly, it also dries immediately, meaning that homeowners can quickly access their terrace again.

An aesthetic choice

Besides being a functional solution, the ALSAN products are highly aesthetic. This is important given that balconies often determine the appearance of an apartment block. Residents can enjoy a stylish terrace thanks to the liquid resin systems that can be seamlessly applied in almost all RAL colours and a range of patterns. Architects will have a comprehensive choice of finishing options that serve a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. For example, you can choose an anti-slip filling for extra safety.

Would you also like to extend the life of your terrace? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about ALSAN liquid waterproofing.