Give moisture no chance by sealing foundations


Humidity problems are any home owner’s nightmare come true. Rising or wall-penetrating moisture is detrimental to one’s health, as is a wet basement. Damp walls and basements are, after all, an ideal habitat for harmful fungi that can cause respiratory problems and a wide array of other physical complaints. In addition, excessive moisture will seriously damage building materials over time. To avoid such problems, waterproofing or sealing foundations is crucial.

Different methods to seal foundations

People confronted with moisture problems are often forced to resort to emergency solutions. Fortunately, most architects these days take moisture prevention into account from the very start of the design process, specifying the use of bituminous membranes to seal the foundation. Bituminous waterproofing ensures a durable sealing of underground structures and can be applied in various ways. Contractors can opt to weld the membranes or work flame-free, depending on their personal preference and the working conditions they face.

Sealing foundations with bitumen flame-free

Do you prefer a flame-free application? Then Colphene 1500, a self-adhesive membrane composed of a root-resistant cross-laminated polyethylene reinforcement, is your best option. Featuring a  bottom side finished with elastomeric bitumen, this product can be processed easily and safely without a burner by applying a primer to the concrete surface. We recommend using Elastocol 500 or Elastocol 600, both cold-processable and ready-to-use adhesive primers. Finally, fix the bituminous sealing layer by pressing it firmly. The only limitation to the flame-free method is that the ambient temperature must be higher than 10°C. If you’re planning on sealing a foundation during the cold winter months, welding is the go-to method.

How to prevent root penetration and leaking

If you opt to attach the bitumen to the pouring seam of the foundation using a burner, you don’t need to take the ambient temperature and humidity into account. It is, however, important to opt for a root-resistant seal. This will prevent leaks due to roots penetrating the material. The Sopralene range offers a wide selection of materials for sealing green roofs, as well as waterproofing solutions for subsurface structures. Additionally, the Aquadere adhesive varnish ensures proper adhesion of the welded bituminous membrane.

More information

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