How to waterproof a flat roof? Why, with TPO of course!

waterproofing flat roof with TPO


Wondering what would be the most suitable material for waterproofing a flat roof? That’s TPO for you! Offering numerous advantages, this innovative material is one of the most popular waterproofing solutions for small projects as well as for large (industrial) ventures. Would you like to experience the convenience of this synthetic roofing material yourself? This article tells you everything you need to know.

What is TPO?

TPO is short for ‘thermoplastic olefinic elastomer’. An elastic plastic, TPO is mainly used for sealing flat roofs but is also very suitable for sealing roof details. While similar to other synthetic roofing materials, TPO has a much different structure. Hence, it possesses other properties and has more advantages. At SOPREMA, TPO is available in both anthracite and white, and comes in various thicknesses.

What are the benefits to using TPO?

TPO offers various advantages. The material is highly elastic, for one, and remains so over time. Because TPO does not release chemicals, it is very suitable for green roofs. And it’s root-resistant to boot!
TPO also forms an excellent substrate for solar panels, since it does not contain any plasticizers that can affect the panels. As a result, the material can be used for retention roofs and water buffering as well.
Moreover, TPO can be applied safely without the release of harmful substances and can be combined with most thermal insulation materials. And perhaps the biggest bonus of all: thanks to the material’s long service life, you can enjoy all these benefits for at least 30 to 40 years!

How to apply TPO for waterproofing?

TPO can be applied in various ways, offering you a choice between mechanical fixing, glueing and ballasted loose fitting. No matter which application method you prefer, SOPREMA has the right product in stock.
Would you like to learn how to apply TPO? Don’t hesitate to register for one of Club Expert’s training programmes at SOPREMA’s very own training centre.