How using a vapour barrier prevents moisture problems

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If you want to insulate your home as thoroughly as possible, using all accessories necessary for your insulation material to achieve optimal performance is crucial. One such accessory is a vapour barrier. Read all about it here.

What is a vapour barrier?

A vapour barrier is a waterproof film which is always applied on the warm side of the insulation sheet. It prevents warm, humid indoor air from condensing by keeping it from touching the cooler outer layer. Condensation can be caused by warm airstreams (e.g. humid indoor air), by water vapours or by building moisture.

Preventing moisture problems

Having a well-insulated home doesn’t solely depend on the quality of the insulation material used. The vapour barrier must be equally qualitative and correctly installed as well, as insulation material that gets damp loses a great deal of its insulation value. Applying a moisture-regulating vapour barrier underneath the insulation rules out condensation and, hence, moisture and mould problems.

Performance goes hand in hand with application

A vapour barrier only does what it’s supposed to if applied correctly. All seams must overlap by ten centimetres and be neatly sealed. Remember to never pierce a vapour barrier to allow for pipes or cables once it’s been applied.

Aluflex, a high-quality vapour barrier

Looking for a high-quality vapour barrier? Aluflex by SOPREMA – an aluminised and reinforced vapour barrier – makes for an excellent choice. Completely waterproof and offering high tear resistance, it is a sure means to seal your home airtight.

Not quite sure which type of vapour barrier best suits your project? Looking for more information about SOPREMA’s various innovative insulation solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts!