Is it time to renovate your balcony, patio or gallery?


patio, balcony or gallery can add a lot of value to a house or apartment. But these areas are often in need of thorough renovation. There can be various reasons for such renovations. Fortunately, SOPREMA offers a suitable solution for every problem. Find out about ALSAN, an extensive range of liquid waterproofing products which ensure that homeowners can quickly get back into the open air of their patio or balcony.


Perhaps your patio, balcony or gallery is not optimally insulated with the right materials? If so, you risk losing up to 25% of your energy through the floor plate. Fortunately, thermal bridges can be avoided with proper post-insulation. If you decide to properly insulate your patio, balcony or gallery, you also improve the acoustic performance of the building: two birds with one stone! The synergy between waterproofing and insulation is always essential. Indeed, your balcony or patio is exposed to variable weather, and needs to be able to withstand all temperatures. The combination of a liquid waterproofing system with PIR/PUR insulation, or XPS, also ensures better walking and load-bearing capacity. Have you decided on an ALSAN system? Then the substrate will be dry again within a short time, and the house will remain accessible through the gallery.


People are getting older and living independently for longer and longer. In order to facilitate independent living for seniors, the home sometimes needs to be modified. The same applies to patios and balconies. There is often a slight difference in height at the threshold between the gallery and the interior floor. An uneven threshold can create dangerous situations, or prevent older people from using their patio or balcony. So don’t hesitate to get your patio senior-proofed. This involves raising the gallery floor so that the uneven thresholds, and the risk of falling, are reduced.

A pressure-resistant, lightweight insulation plate and pressure distribution plate are installed on the existing floor. A layer of ALSAN waterproofing resin is then applied. By senior-proofing your home, you not only eliminate dangerous uneven thresholds, but this system also has a sound-absorbing effect.

In addition to the ALSAN system, SOPREMA also offers solutions with bituminous membranes in combination with tiles and tile supports to make your patio, balcony or gallery senior-proof.


Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why you should also choose liquid waterproofing for new buildings. You will subsequently enjoy the many benefits.

  • You benefit from protection against thermal shock loading, furniture and maintenance.

  • This solution meets the requirements for insulation, fire safety, chemical resistance and mechanical stress.

  • Concrete is durably preserved, which extends the life span of the underlying layers.

  • It is suitable for sealing nodes, such as connections with rising facades.

  • The result is maintenance-friendly.

  • Various finishes are possible in RAL colours, and different patterns.


Are you looking for the right liquid waterproofing for your patio, balcony or gallery? Our handy selection guide can assist you in this respect. You can get in touch with SOPREMA for much more than buying liquid waterproofing, we also offer broader support and advice on the processing of all materials.

Are you interested in ALSAN products? We are happy to help you with no-obligation advice, guidance on your projects and even training. Contact us and take advantage of our excellent service and guarantees.