Post-insulation of exterior walls: the advantages speak for themselves


Efficient insulation is a must, not just for new-builds, but also existing homes. The outer walls in particular are an essential part to treat. One interesting option is the post-insulation of the cavity walls. A brief explanation!

The importance of cavity wall insulation

Many existing homes have insufficient insulation, and consequently do not comply with current – let alone future – energy standards. Sooner or later, renovation will be necessary. For example, the new Flemish Energy Plan stipulates that, from 2021 onwards, anyone purchasing or inheriting a house that does not meet the most recent energy standards will be obliged to implement comprehensive insulation measures within five years. One of the possibilities in this respect is wall insulation. Have you recently bought a house for renovation? Then do not wait too long, and take precautions in good time.

Post-insulation of cavity walls

Choosing cavity wall insulation during a renovation offers numerous advantages:

  • The investment is generally recouped within a few years, since you save a lot of energy.
  • Cavity wall insulation can often be installed in one or two days.
  • Your indoor climate is more pleasant: in the summer it stays cooler inside, and in the winter the heat does not escape.
  • The insulation causes hardly any inconvenience (no annoying demolition work is required).
  • If you choose insulation on the inside, the appearance of your exterior walls will not change, while if you choose insulation on the outside, you will not lose any space in your interior.

Choosing the right products

In the SOPREMA range, you can find products to apply insulation material along the exterior side of the cavity walls.

One of these is EFIGREEN ITE, a thermal insulation panel consisting of a polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foam. These panels are fitted on both sides with a waffled aluminium foil of 50 μ, which gives the material a higher fire classification. EFIGREEN ITE can be installed in one or two layers, and can be finished with sidings, slates, wood and Rockpanel.

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