Protecting roofs against the summer heat? With natural insulation of course!


Do you also suffer from high indoor temperatures in your home during the hot summer months? Then you have probably already had a few sleepless nights because of the heat. A good way to counteract this problem is to invest in effective insulation for your roof. But which insulation material should you go for? Below we list the advantages of natural wood fibre insulation. That way, you can enjoy a pleasant and cool indoor climate again this summer.

With natural insulation, you counteract the heat

Natural insulation from PAVATEX is made from wood chippings from saw mills. Not only are these wood fibres extremely environmentally friendly, but they also offer very good thermal insulation. Wood fibre has a very high heat storage capacity. This means that the insulation layer under the roof absorbs all the heat during the day. The heat is then emitted very slowly when it has cooled down outside. This makes wood fibre insulation highly suitable, for example, for insulating attic rooms or rooms under the ridge of the roof.

Other benefits of wood fibre insulation

During the summer you will immediately notice the thermal insulation properties of PAVATEX yourself, but the material also offers various benefits throughout the rest of the year. For example, you can also use it for the acoustic insulation of interior and exterior walls. In addition, this insulation is very sustainable, as wood from deliberate tree felling is never used to make the material. The wood always comes from regional, sustainable forestry and is processed responsibly without the addition of chemicals. This also prevents irritation to your eyes or mucous membranes when installing the insulation.

Are you interested in PAVATEX and would like more information? We are always at your disposal to answer your questions.