SOPREMA’s ambition of sustainable development

Creating a job as responsable for the environment


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
Navajo proverb

In this spirit SOPREMA decided to employ a responsible for the environment. He will study and analyze how SOPREMA’s activities affect our environment. This means to seek a method of reducing SOPREMA’s emissions of CO₂.

SOPREMA is convinced that the manufacturers of building materials are required to take into account the effects on the environment and human of their products being used in a building, and that, from its construction and using through its tearing.

To symbolize its environmental commitment SOPREMA chosed the leaf of Ginkgo Biloba (Japanese walnut). This tree of extremely ancient origin symbolizes durability, health and resistance force against the modern environmental dammage. It was the first plant material that began to grow after the destruction of Hiroshima. The leaf of Ginkgo Bilobwill be available in SOPREMA ‘s publications about the environment.