Tailored ROOF CONSULTING means that architects and clients can sleep soundly at night


Are you about to have a new roof installed? Or are your corporate buildings in need of renovation? Before getting unnecessarily submerged in costs, it is better to first get advice from a professional – or better still: from a team of professionals. SOPREMA’s ROOF CONSULTING team provides technical and commercial product and installation assistance for every flat roof project, new-build or renovation.

Count on the support of a team of professionals

If you need to have several roofs installed or renovated on different types of buildings, a variety of solutions are often available. Which one should you choose? The SOPREMA team assists you in every phase of your project, without obligation. From the choice of materials to subsequent maintenance.

Choosing Roof Consulting by SOPREMA

What exactly can you expect from our ROOF CONSULTING experts? They propose a range of services:

  1. Advice and assistance in choosing your roof structure and finish
  2. Guidance in drawing up specifications
  3. Surveys of existing roofs
  4. Technical information and advice for roofers, architects, public authorities, principals, etc.
  5. Advice on the maintenance and management of flat roofs
  6. Training and factory visits
  7. Technical support for the installation of SOPREMA products
  8. Roof inspection
  9. Advice on sustainable roofing

The theory put into practice

Our ROOF CONSULTING team has already led various projects to a successful conclusion. For example, thanks to a roof survey with an inspection report, TVH, the world leader in forklift trucks and components, had a clear picture of the condition of their roofs. As such, the company knew exactly which parts still needed to be renovated, and which didn’t.

Would you also like tailored advice for your project? Feel free to contact us.

Personalised training in our Club Expert

ROOF CONSULTING also offers personalised theoretical and practical training. You can discover the possibilities at our knowledge and training centre CLUB EXPERT in Grobbendonk (Belgium). Whether you are a roofer, resin specialist, plastic installer, student, architect, contractor or building merchant: in CLUB EXPERT you will learn about the advantages and properties of SOPREMA materials and their application.

Our lecture rooms can accommodate 40 attendees. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will receive high level training and insight into all aspects of:

  • Bituminous waterproofing (SOPREMA)
    • Liquid waterproofing (ALSAN)
    • Synthetic waterproofing (FLAG)
    • Thermal insulation (EFYOS)
    • Natural insulation (PAVATEX)

In addition, CLUB EXPERT is also a meeting place for starting and experienced professionals. Would you like to benefit from the support of our experts? Call our ROOF CONSULTING service: +46-(0)8-646 35 00.