The art of covering your dreams: FLAGPOOL

FLAGPOOL LINERS. Stylish water


PVC-P FLAGPOOL membranes are the result of a steady technological and chromatic research, and conjugate waterproofing and mechanical resistance with softness and flexibility. But they also give the swimming pool water any kind of environmental effect.


New colors, new materials, new designs. A wide choice of available solutions. easy as making a wish. Now, imagine: what kind of effect do you wish for your swimming-pool’s water? We will create it.


• nothing cooler than a pool party

• water geometries

• at the heart of your wellness

• emotions outlined by water

• overseas elegance

your favorite shape

You can decide the size of your swimming pool and also the shape: from the rectangular classic to several free shapes designed to be fit into the environmental context of your garden. FLAGPOOL, soft and flexible, easily fits any kind of shape.

FLAGPOOL may be used to cover swimming pools made with any kind of material: concrete, aluminium or steelprefab panels, etc. The use of prefab structures allows saving up to 50% of the building costs. In comparison to other covering solutions, FLAGPOOL allows reducing the setting costs. With the PVC-P covering also maintenance costs are zeroed in comparison to those necessary for painted swimming pools or pools covered with tiles.


FLAGPOOL, trademark of FLAG S.P.A., is guaranteed for 10 years. Thousand of swimming pools covered with FLAGPOOL witness the quality of our product in Italy and all over the world.