The ease of self-adhesive roof covering explained


As a professional roofer, you will no doubt have your own working method and, as a matter of habit, you will probably always use the same materials. But have you ever thought about using self-adhesive roof covering? Let us win you over by the ease of use and benefits of this smart solution.

Self-adhesive roof membranes ensure excellent ease of use

Our range features both top layers and underlayment in self-adhesive versions. Fitting these rolls on the roof is fast and efficient: you simply roll out the material without any use of a burner, cold glue or warm bitumen. The film can be easily removed, so that the membrane can quickly adhere. Then all you have to do is to apply firm pressure, and go over the edges with a seam roller. In many cases, the overlap is semi-self-adhesive, and the outer strip still has to be welded. For example with hot air.

Self-adhesive roof coverings adhere automatically to your insulation. The ideal product in our range is Sopralene Stick Venti FF. Please note: not every type of insulation is suitable in this respect. Check the possibilities for use in the approval certificates.

You will need significantly less manpower to apply the material, and the job will be done in a much shorter time. At SOPREMA, you can find the right self-adhesive roll for renovations and new builds. All of these rolls have high elasticity, so that the adhesion is maintained.

Flame-free option

In places with a high risk of fire, it may even be prohibited to work with an open flame. The chemical industry is one example. A self-adhesive system offers a suitable solution in such cases. Thanks to this material, you can now also carry out these kinds of projects.

Avoiding blistering

Another advantage of certain self-adhesive underlayments is their excellent vapour pressure distribution. This is thanks to the adhesive strips on the roof membranes. These provide perfect adhesion to the insulation sheet and ensure that any vapour pressure is distributed over the roof surface, thereby avoiding blistering. That way, the risk of damaging the insulation by flame welding is also prevented.

Would you like to experience the ease of use and benefits of self-adhesive roof coverings for yourself? In that case, follow one of our courses in our training centre ‘CLUB EXPERT’ and learn how to get started with this material. Sign up on our website.