Why cavity wall insulation always pays off in new-build homes


In order to comply with current and future energy standards for new-build homes, excellent insulation is an absolute must. This applies for the roof, windows and doors, but definitely also for the exterior walls. For private individuals, cavity wall insulation is an interesting option. Here is a summary of the advantages!

Why choose for cavity wall insulation?

There are various ways to insulate the exterior walls of your home: from the outside, from the inside, or in the cavity wall. Why would you choose the latter option? Perhaps these benefits can win you over:

  • Cavity wall insulation is quick and easy to install.

  • By insulating your outer walls via the cavity, you avoid problems with damp and mould.

  • Cavity wall insulation has a sound-absorbing effect, for optimum acoustic comfort.

  • Cavity wall insulation is eligible for a premium, on condition that the work is carried out by a certified contractor.

Cavity wall insulation for new-build homes: the possibilities

Cavity wall insulation is therefore an easy and relatively cheap way to insulate exterior walls. That is why it is also one of the most popular insulation methods in Flanders. In new-build homes, specialists install insulation panels to insulate the cavity walls.

In the SOPREMA range, you can find various products for this application, each with their own specific properties:

  • Sopratherm Alu: rigid insulation panels consisting of PUR (polyurethane) and fitted with a multi-layer aluminium finish on both sides. These insulation panels are extremely quick to install thanks to the tongue-and-groove system on each edge, and the markings for easy cutting.

  • XPS PM and XPS CW: thermal insulation panels consisting of XPS (extruded polystyrene). These panels provide excellent thermal resistance and are damp and rot-resistant, for optimal comfort in your home.

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