Why foundation insulation is highly recommended


These days, you are constantly reminded of the importance of insulating your home properly. Effective insulation saves you a lot on your energy bill. The focus is generally on insulating roofs, cavity walls and floors, while double glazing is recommended for windows. But foundation insulation is often overlooked. We explain why foundation insulation is worth your while!

Foundation insulation: what does it involve?

Is floor insulation not possible because there is no crawl space in your house? Then foundation insulation is a good alternative. In houses without a crawl space, a lot of energy goes to waste heating up the foundation. When you insulate your foundation, you effectively stop horizontal heat dissipation. You can’t stop energy loss through the foundation completely (like with floor insulation), but you can significantly reduce it nonetheless! In other words, it is definitely worth it when floor insulation is not possible: you will see the difference on your energy bill and you will be contributing to the environment.

Which materials are suitable in this respect?

  1. GEMADRAIN: XPS insulation with dimple foil. You would normally fit XPS, then dimple foil on top, to protect the insulation boards. But Gemadrain incorporates both of these elements. This saves you time and an extra job, since you don’t need to apply any additional dimple foil. That makes fitting it even more advantageous.
  1. XPS SL: This type of insulation is pressure-resistant, damp-proof, dimensionally stable, 100% recyclable and contains climate-friendly CO2 technology. XPS SL will be manufactured at our brand-new Ambior site!
  1. XPS PROTECT ARTIC C: XPS insulation with an aesthetic cement-based facing. Recommended for insulating foundation walls above ground level.

Foundation insulation: definitely worth your while

As you can see, SOPREMA offers a wide range of insulation that is suitable for foundation insulation. When floor insulation is not possible, you should always consider foundation insulation. Once they have made the investment, homeowners enjoy a more pleasant indoor climate and spend less money on energy.

Do you still have questions about foundation insulation? We are always at your disposal with tips, and we can advise you in your decisions, from suitable insulation material to the installation method. Contact us for more information.