Why the roadwork industry loves bituminous membranes


Building a bridge or viaduct comes with its challenges. Waterproofing, in this case, must offer increased resistance to heavy loads and fluctuating weather conditions. Moisture problems must be avoided at all costs, as with bridges they tend to become a vicious circle. That’s why more and more civil contractors are opting for SOPREMA’s reliable waterproofing products. New to SOPREMA’s bitumen range is Antirock 6000, which is rapidly becoming a popular choice for bridge development projects in the Nordics.

Antirock 6000: premium product for civil engineering

To meet the civil construction industry’s specific (and stringent) demands and requirements, SOPREMA has created the Antirock range which is particularly suitable for waterproofing bridges, roads, tunnels and more. A premium product, Antirock 6000 is the first and only bituminous membrane for civil use that comes with a P-mark.

Bituminous membrane for the Nordic climate

Producing more than 150 million m² of membrane a year, SOPREMA are continuously increasing their offer with innovative bituminous waterproofing membranes renowned for their exceptional quality and ease of application, even under tough working conditions. Thanks to the company’s extensive experience in the Nordic countries and close collaboration with local R&D departments, Antirock 6000 is no different. The bitumen has been especially developed to withstand the harsh Nordic climate and is ideal for fast-paced and demanding civil engineering projects such as bridge construction.

Waterproofing bridges at record pace

In addition to accuracy, speed of application plays a crucial role when it comes to bituminous waterproofing for bridges. To minimise traffic diversions, working nights is no exception for contractors and their staff. Because Antirock 6000 is remarkably easy to apply and can be directly covered by layers of asphalt, however, bridges only have to be closed off for a minimum amount of time as construction workers can get the job done much quicker.