ALSAN PMMA resin waterproofing systems are characterised by rapid curing formulations and extremely high performance properties. Boasting solutions for many varied and complex environments and constructions, the Alsan range offers sealing, waterproofing and surfacing systems for roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways, flooring and car parks. ALSAN PMMA systems are completely flame-free and include fully reinforced, fast curing, resin waterproofing systems, hard wearing layers for trafficable environments, specialist primers for all substrates, and unlimited coloured and textured finishes. ALSAN enables a multitude of surfaces to be sealed or waterproofed with a completely seamless and aesthetic finish. ALSAN PMMA systems are BBA certified, self-terminating and guarantee a watertight solution for even the most complex of projects especially those with multiple penetrations to the substrate.

14 products

  • ALSAN 170

    ALSAN 170 is a PMMA based, fast-curing primer used as a barrier on absorbent substrates in preparation for the later application of Alsan PMMA resins.
  • ALSAN 171

    ALSAN 171 is a PMMA based fast-curing combination primer for interface details and upstands with changing absorbent and non absorbent substrate materials.
  • ALSAN 172

    ALSAN 172 is a PMMA based fast-curing primer for asphalt substrates in preparation for the later application of Alsan PMMA resins.
  • ALSAN 870 RS

    ALSAN 870 RS is a PMMA-based, flexible, self-levelling mortar for functional areas, such as roof terraces, balconies and multi-storey car parks. In Alsan waterproofing systems it serves as protection for…
  • ALSAN 870 R

    ALSAN 870 R is a PMMA based resin used as a binder in ALSAN 870 RS self-levelling mortar.
  • ALSAN 870 S

    ALSAN 870 S is a quartz sand mix specially designed as filler for ALSAN 870 RS.
  • ALSAN 770, ALSAN 770

    ALSAN 770 products are high-grade, PMMA-based resins with low-temperature flexibility and are used to create durable and reliable roof waterproofing membranes and to waterproof joints on water impermeable concrete with…
  • ALSAN 970 FT

    ALSAN 970 FT is a colourless, clear and mechanically durable sealer for surfaces with topping. It is designed specifically as a finish on top of coloured sand.

    ALSAN FLEECE LUTEX is a polyester and polypropene fleece especially designed for use with the ALSAN FLASHING and ALSAN FLASHING JARDIN waterproofing resins.

    ALSAN PATCH is a waterproofing product composed of high polymers for repairing purposes only.

    ALSAN FLEECE P is a perforated synthetic-fibre fleece specially designed for use with ALSAN PMMA waterproofing resins. The fleece enables the layer thickness to be controlled when applying waterproofing resins…

    SOPRASPRAY is a ready-to-use quick-drying adhesive primer composed of bitumen and volatile solvents.

    ALSAN RS Fleece is a proprietary non-woven polyester reinforcement used in ALSAN RS liquid membrane applications.

    ALSAN FLEECE 165 P is a non-woven perforated polyester fleece specially designed for use with the ALSAN FLASHING QUADRO waterproofing resin.