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  • ALSAN 870 RS

    ALSAN 870 RS is a PMMA-based, flexible, self-levelling mortar for functional areas, such as roof terraces, balconies and multi-storey car parks. In Alsan waterproofing systems it serves as protection for…
  • ALSAN 870 R

    ALSAN 870 R is a PMMA based resin used as a binder in ALSAN 870 RS self-levelling mortar.
  • ALSAN 870 S

    ALSAN 870 S is a quartz sand mix specially designed as filler for ALSAN 870 RS.
  • ALSAN 770, ALSAN 770

    ALSAN 770 products are high-grade, PMMA-based resins with low-temperature flexibility and are used to create durable and reliable roof waterproofing membranes and to waterproof joints on water impermeable concrete with…
  • ALSAN 970 FT

    ALSAN 970 FT is a colourless, clear and mechanically durable sealer for surfaces with topping. It is designed specifically as a finish on top of coloured sand.