COLTACK EVOLUTION 750 is a single-component, solvent free, moisture curing polyurethane-based adhesive foam to be used with an application gun.

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Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

COLTACK EVOLUTION 750 is used on flat roofs to bond ridged insulation panels with an appropriate finishing (no thermofusible film) to the substrate. It is also suitable for the mutual bonding of panels. A fast expansion and adhesion of the panels will arise under the influence of air humidity. The expansion properties will also ensure a good bonding on uneven substrates.

Composition, technical characteristics, consuption, colors

±100 m²/canister (synthetic foam)
±50 m²/canister (mineral wool)
±7 m²/aerosol can (synthetic foam)
±3,5 m²/aerosol can (mineral wool)

Needed tools, installation instructions

The substrate must be clean, solid and free of dust and grease.  Vigorously shake the aerosol/can/canister for ± 30 seconds before use. Close the adjusting screw of the application gun. Screw the aerosol can on the gun (in case of the canister, close the valve of the hose and canister and connect hose. After connecting the hose fully open the valve of the canister and hose). Adjust the control screw of the gun. Apply, at a distance of about ±10 mm from the surface uniform beads of ±30 mm diameter. Apply in case of synthetic insulation panels, in accordance with the wind load calculations, at least 4 parallel beads/m² (8 beads for mineral wool) in the length of the panels. Place the insulation panels immediately after applying the adhesive beads. Do not shift the panels because it will rupture the adhesive layer/bond.
Always consult the placement guidelines.

Physico-chemical-thermical performances

Composition polyurethane resins

Unit of packaging, dimensions, volume, weight

Canister of 10,4 kg
Aérosol can of 750 ml.

Quantity per pallet or box, storage precaution & duration

Minimum 18 months in original unopened packaging, stored upright in a dry and cool place at a
temperature between +5 and +25 °C.



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