ALSAN 177 is a fast-curing, low-viscosity primer with good penetration properties on mineral substrates. Depending on the substrate (porosity, roughness and penetrating power), two consecutive coats may need to be applied. (The first coat must have hardened fully before any second coat is applied.)

Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

- easy and fast application
- good binding properties for residual dust control
- hydrolysis and alkali resistant
- fills pores, pinholes and cracks

ALSAN 177 is unpigmented.

Needed tools, installation instructions

First stir the tub contents thoroughly.
Then add the catalyst while stirring the resin at the slow-speed setting and mix for 2 minutes.
Make sure that the product on the base and sides of the container is mixed in.
At product temperatures < 10 °C the product should be stirred for 4 minutes, as the catalyst will take longer to dissolve.

Use the sheepskin roller to apply an even film-forming coat of primer.
Avoid creating puddles of primer.
Once the coating has cured, apply a second coat to cover any defects (bubbles, areas not fully coated).
The entire surface must be coated with a film of primer before it can be over coated and a second application of Alsan 177 may be required.

Physico-chemical-thermical performances

ALSAN 177 (at 20 °C, 3% catalyst)
- Pot life approx. 10 minutes
- Rain proof after approx. 30 minutes
- Can be walked on / over coated after approx. 30 minutes
- Curing time approx. 2 hours

- Smooth (per coat) 0,4 kg/m²
- Fine-sandy (per coat) 0,5 kg/m²

Unit of packaging, dimensions, volume, weight

10 kg metal bucket

Store in original sealed packaging and in a cool, dry and frost-free place.
Avoid warm storage areas (> 30 °C) even for brief periods, for example on site.
Consequently the products must not be exposed to direct sunlight or kept in a vehicle. Unopened products have a shelf life of at least 12 months.
After removing some of the contents, reseal the containers so they are airtight.

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