PF 3500 OXI

Membrane composed by polymer bitumen with a polyester reinforcement.

Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

Used as an underlayer in a multi-layer system or as a vapour control layer.
  • The upper side is finished with talcum/sand. A torch-on film protects the lower side (TF).
  • The upper and lower side are protected with talcum/sand (TT).

Needed tools, installation instructions

Torch-on method including the selvedge (TF).
Completely cold glued, selvedge torched (TT)
Completely glued with hot bitumen, selvedge torched (TT).

Physico-chemical-thermical performances

Thickness : ≥ 3,5 mm

Tensile Strength L/T (EUtgb) MDV : 700/500 N/5cm

Elongation L/T (EUtgb) MDV : 35 %

Low temperature flexibility (EN 1109) MLV : -3 °C

Flow resistance at high temperature (EN 1110) MLV: 100°C

MDV = Manufacturer's determined value / MLV = Manufacturer's limiting value

Unit of packaging, dimensions, volume, weight

Roll dimensions : 10 m x 1 m
Roll weight : ± 35 kg
Roll per pallet : 24

Storage : upright on pallets with plastic shrink wrapping

CE marking, related regulation

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