ALSAN REFLECTROOF primer is a white pigmented, fast‐curing primer, used in combination with ALSAN 973 F, to increase
the reflectivity of bitumen and asphalt substrates.

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Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

- excellent adhesion to asphalt and bitumen substrates
- easy to apply
- fast-curing
- solvent-free
- white pigmented
- high reflection of solar radiation

Composition, technical characteristics, consuption, colors

ALSAN REFLECTROOF primer is white pigmented.

Needed tools, installation instructions

First stir the tub contents thoroughly. Then add the catalyst whilst stirring at a low speed for 2 minutes.
Make sure that all material on the side and base of the pot is mixed in. At temperatures below 10 °C the
product should be stirred for 4 minutes as the catalyst will take longer to dissolve.

Use the sheepskin roller to apply an even film‐forming coat of primer.
Avoid creating puddles of primer.

Physico-chemical-thermical performances

2-component, white pigmented, fast‐curing and flexible PMMA based (polymethyl methacrylate) primer.

Quantity per pallet or box, storage precaution & duration

Store in original sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost-free place. Avoid warm storage areas (> 30 °C)
even for brief periods, for example on site. Consequently, the products must not be exposed to direct
sunlight or kept in a vehicle. Unopened products have a shelf life of at least 12 months. After opening,
reseal the packaging so it is completely airtight.

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