ALSAN PATCH is a waterproofing product composed of high polymers for repairing purposes only.

Long description, Frame of uses, Advantages

ALSAN PATCH is used as partial repairing for roofs, terraces, cornices, gutters, chimneys, pipes…

Composition, technical characteristics, consuption, colors

Color: grey
Consumption: 1 to 2,5 liters/m²

Needed tools, installation instructions

Installation conditions: ALSAN PATCH can also be applied in humid weather. To be applied on a clean surface.
- Particularity: Product must never be applied onto polystyrene insulation.
- Spatula, brush and roller : Do not dilute.

Physico-chemical-thermical performances

Composition: Viscous liquid

Quantity per pallet or box, storage precaution & duration

Storage precaution: at least 5 years in a cool, unopened container turned upside-down, away from any source of heat.
Storage temperature: >5°C.

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