ALSAN RS Fleece is a proprietary non-woven polyester reinforcement used in ALSAN RS liquid membrane applications.

Needed tools, installation instructions

Mix and apply ALSAN RS products in strict accordance with published instructions. Apply mixed resin to the prepared surface and roll out ALSAN RS Fleece into the liquid resin, making sure that the roll is unrolling smooth and without any wrinkles. ALSAN RS Fleece will begin to saturate into the liquid resin. Using a roller, wet the fleece with resin, applying light pressure. Roll the fleece with a nap roller to eliminate any air bubbles, wrinkles, etc. Apply additional liquid resin mix on top of ALSAN RS Fleece until fully saturated and the layer of resin is fully and uniformly applied. Allow a 2 inch (5 cm) overlap at the side laps and 4 inch (10 cm) overlap at all flashing tie-ins and end laps.

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